Published On: November 19th, 2019Categories: News
Dear San Juans Forest Owners,The San Juan County Conservation District is in the process of applying for a 5-year regional Natural Resources Conservation Services grant that would develop a cost-share program for forestry conservation practices with landowners in San Juan County. The grant provides an opportunity to further ecological forestry management, reduce fire risk, improve stand resiliency, and sequester carbon in our changing climate.

We are currently looking for interested forest owners to include in our grant request, which is due December 3rd.

The cost-share funding can either fund your personal work in your forest, or can be paid to a contractor to achieve the outcomes. While these funds may not pay for the entire work to be accomplished, they will subsidize a significant portion of the costs. You must either have an official forest management plan to be involved, or be willing to cover the additional $800-$1,000 needed to fund a plan (the grant will cover $1,059 of a management plan).

The grant puts an emphasis on funding “historically underserved” populations, which means that these forest landowners would receive 20% more funding per activity. Please see the definitions here to see if you qualify.

Participating in this Regional Conservation Partnership Program grant does not disqualify you from participating in other NRCS programs such as EQIP or CSP. The only requirement is that you cannot apply for the same acreage with two different programs.

If you would like to be involved please look over the forestry practices below and fill out this survey form.

This survey is not a contractual obligation to use any cost-share funds. However, filling out the survey will earmark a portion of the cost-share funds for your project should the grant be awarded.

This grant offers an opportunity to collectively illustrate the interest and desire for conservation-based forestry in the islands, and to leverage more funding now and in the future.

Please feel free to share this survey and email with any forest landowner in San Juan County.